Review; We-Vibe Thrill

*Travel friendly
*Very flexible

*Design might not work for everyone
*Awkward charger
*Top heavy

Length: 3 3/4 inches
Insertable: 2 1/4 inches
Circumference: 4 inches at the largest

Intensity: (Click to see level definitions)
Noise 2/5
Vibrations 4/5

Price: $129.95 on sale at
£94.99/$153.28 at

Rating: The We-Vibe Thrill gets four out of five stars. This is an amazing solo use g-spot vibrator. With the eight different functions, you are sure to get a thrill for yourself out of this toy. Not only does this have great vibrations but it is rechargeable as well, so you will never have to worry about batteries. While it has many pro’s that are just to many to list, there are a few con’s to this  toy as well, such as the design of the charger, the handle portion is quite heavy, and the design may not work everyone, however I still believe all the pro’s outweigh the con’s and is well worth the price.

Use: The Thrill by We-Vibe is a g-spot vibrator made for solo masturbation. However, this toy could easily be used with your partner as well. The Thrill also provides clitoral vibrations to add to the g-spot stimulation. Gently rock this vibe back and fourth and it for sure will leave you with a lasting orgasm. Then if you are a sensitive user like myself, inserting it and resting it against your g-spot should do the job also.

Material: The We-Vibe Thrill is made of silicone and ABS Plastic. Silicone is a very safe material that is smooth and non-porous. The ABS Plastic comes in on the top underneath, where the clitoral vibrations can be felt and it runs up the front around the charging port and control button. Being made of silicone this toy is waterproof, so feel free to take it in your shower to enjoy yourself in a nice hot relaxing shower. When using lube with silicone toys, water based lube is the only safe lube.

Design & Texture: This is where I find this toy to have a major plus. The design of this toy is wonderful. The bottom insertable piece is designed to provide stimulation to the g-spot, while the top provides stimulation to your clitoris. The bottom piece has three ridges that add to the smooth texture. Due to the flexibility of this toy, I think this toy would work for woman with all different body anatomies. Which I think is very hard to find in dual stimulation type toys.
In the picture to the right, you can see the breakdown off the measurements through the whole toy.

Charging: The Thrill is a rechargeable toy, so you will never have to worry about replacing or disposing batteries. The charger is made of two parts, a small magnetic piece that attaches to the front of the toy, and a cord that connects to the smaller piece and an USB port. This is also a downside to this toy. While you’re able to charge it and save money on batteries, the design of the charger isn’t all that great. The cord is a USB charger, with that being said if you don’t have a USB wall charger it would have to be charged from a computer and may be in plain sight. The other part of the charger would be the small magnetic piece that connects to the toy. Since it is small and magnetic I have found that it sometimes falls off when moving it around, the magnetic isn’t all that strong and the slightest little touch will knock it off.

Function: The Thrill has eight different vibrating functions that are controlled by one push button on the outside front. The eight vibrations consist of four solid vibrations, low, medium, high, and extra high, followed by a tease; 4 long pulses with 3 short pulses, a wave, a pulse, and a cha-cha; a various of long and short pulses. This toy is turned on by the push of a button, each push of the button after will take you through the eight functions, and once you have gone through all the functions the toy will turn off with another push or hold the button for three seconds.

Care: Due to the Thrill being made of silicone and abs plastic this toy could be cleaned with an antibacterial toy cleaner or some mild soap and hot water. Since this vibe has a motor, it cannot be boiled or put in the dishwasher to be sterilized.

Packaging: The Thrillcomes packed in a flip top box, somewhat like a book. On the inside, the Thrill is packaged in soft foam to the shape of the toy. Pull the tab on the side lifting the toy and foam and you will find you instruction manual, a white storage bag, and the two-piece charging system. The box could be kept for storage and would be more discreet and private than the drawstring storage bag included.

Traveling: Due to the small design of this toy, I find that this is a good toy to travel with. Since it is made of silicone it does seem to attract some lint and dust and I find that instead of taking the whole ‘book’ with us, the white bag included comes in handy for keeping it safe and the charger together when traveling.

Experience: The Thrill has become one of my favorite toys. I am very easy to please and a sensitive user, so a lot of the toys I own work very well for me. However, I have found this toy to be one of the best toys for solo use that I own. I have never been able to give myself a squirting orgasm with a toy, my husband can, but I just can never find the right angle, until I received this toy. If used at just the right angle this toy provides me with one of the most amazing orgasms I can have alone.

Thanks: The We-Vibe Thrill was provided to me from a giveaway that I participated in. I did not purchase anything or pay for shipping, nor was this review part of the terms.

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